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Composite Testing
Micro-Measurements offers a comprehensive line of gage patterns designed specifically for measuring shear modulus of any composite material. Our gages ensure optimum averaging, across the entire test zone. With these unique gages, you can cut down on correction factors and calculations.

Testing Standards You Can Count On

ASTM—the American Society for Testing and Materials committee— has developed more than 30 standards for repeatable testing of composite materials. Micro-Measurements’ gages reflect these industry standards:

  • ASTM D5379 (Shear Properties of Composite Materials by the V-Notched Beam Method) describes a unique test for determining shear modulus, and the line of Shear Modulus Gages developed by Micro-Measurements were designed around this test.
  • ASTM D5450 (Transverse Tensile Properties of Hoop Wound Polymer Matrix Composite Cylinders) requires the use of rectangular rosette strain gage sensors, like Micro-Measurements’ unique C2A-06-250WW-350 pattern.

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Below is a selection guide of Micro-Measurements’ products best suited for any composite material:


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