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Tee Rosette (0° - 90°) Strain Gage

T-rosettes are used where the direction of the principle strains are known. Strains at 90° enable calculation of the stresses at the measurement location, not possible with a single gauge. Commonly used where tensile or compression material property tests are performed, they enable calculation of Poisson’s ratio as well as Young’s modulus. Using a T-rosette for this apparently simple test allows the user to make transverse sensitivity corrections for maximum accuracy of the test results.

Multiple Sensors - One Backing

They are also used where direct tension measurements, such as a bolt in tension or suspension rod in compression, is desired. A full bridge in this situation minimises pickup due to bending. Tee rosettes can also be deployed for bending measurements, especially useful on large infrastructure such as wind turbine towers. 


Adjacent gauges on the same backing will see identical temperature and therefore eliminate thermal outputs due to differential temperatures across the structure. Additionally, 45° alignment marks are provided on each T-Rosette gage so it may be accurately applied to a shaft to measure torsion. Refer to TechNote 515.



Micro-Measurements maintains the most extensive variety of catalog Tee rosette (0° - 90°) strain gage sensors available today. Whether for stress analysis, transducer manufacturing, or special-purpose applications, we have not only a wide selection, but also a large and varied inventory that is readily available for immediate delivery. However, many of our customers have applications requiring gages that are manufactured to their individual specifications.


While we believe our wide variety of standard catalog gages will satisfy most requirements, we recognize the need for custom products and are committed to serving it well. To request a quotation for a custom gage, please contact our Applications Engineering Department.



It is often of greatest convenience for the strain gage user to purchase all of the needed accessory supplies and materials in a single package. GAK-2 Series Kits provide specific selections of M-LINE accessories for making basic strain gage installations with the M-Bond 200, AE-10, or 610 Adhesives.


The ultimate in gage installation capability is provided by the MAK-1, Master Strain Gage Application Kit. The MAK-1 includes all of the supplies and special tools necessary for making a wide range of gage installations for both laboratory and field applications.



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