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VPG Announces Three New Strain Gage Training Videos on Micro-Measurements Website

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05/16/2011 - 13:15

Instructional Videos Demonstrate Proper Procedures for Surface Preparation, Bonding, Soldering, and Applying Protective Coating to Strain Gages

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA — May 16, 2011 — Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (NYSE: VPG) today announced the availability of three new training videos on its Micro-Measurements website ( Presented in HD quality, the videos demonstrate key procedures that are the basis for any meaningful use of a strain gage (gauge), including surface preparation, bonding, soldering leadwires, and applying a protective coating. Additional videos will be released in the coming months covering a variety of related topics.

It is absolutely vital that a strain gage (gauge) is properly mounted in order to ensure consistent, reliable, and accurate measurement. Strain gages (gauges) can be bonded to almost any solid material if the material surface is properly prepared. While this can be achieved in more than one way, the specific procedures and techniques demonstrated in the video “Strain Gage Surface Preparation for Steel and Aluminum Alloys” constitute a carefully developed and thoroughly proven system. The procedures are simple to learn, easy to perform, and readily reproducible, and will consistently result in strong, stable bonds when followed precisely.

Micro-Measurements CEA-Series gages (gauges) are the most widely accepted for use in general-purpose experimental stress analysis applications in the world today. The devices’ large, rugged copper-coated tabs are optimized for attaching leadwires directly to the tabs, eliminating the need for separate terminals. Procedures and techniques for bonding the strain gages (gauges) are demonstrated in the video “CEA Strain Gage Installation With M-Bond 200 Adhesive.”

The recommended procedures and materials needed for attaching leadwires to a Micro-Measurements CEA strain gage (gage) and applying a coating to the gage to protect it in the laboratory environment are demonstrated in the video “Soldering and Coating a CEA Strain Gage.” Although soldering is basically a simple procedure, the experience-proven methods featured in this video result in reliable strain gage (gauge) installations based on the use of Micro-Measurements gages and installation accessories.

The subjects covered in the videos are also addressed in complete detail in VPG’s training programs. Course descriptions and date/location information can be found on the Micro-Measurements website at Additionally, designers may contact Micro-Measurements at to be connected with an applications engineer, technical sales manager, or member of the sales force regarding the subject matter covered in the videos or any other needed topic.