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Force Measurement

Micro-Measurements has a long heritage of innovation in foil strain gages (gauges) and sensors that convert mechanical inputs into an electronic signal for display, processing, interpretation, or control by our instrumentation and systems products. Precision sensors are essential to the accurate measurement, resolution and display of force, weight, pressure, torque, tilt, motion, or acceleration – especially in the legal-for-trade, commercial and industrial marketplaces.

Force Measurement


Wherever manufacturing takes place, forces are generated. These can affect the quality of the product, predict maintenance cycles, or prevent damage to plant and equipment. Force feedback can also be safety critical for operators – combining humans with robots in the same environment presents risks. Measurement of drilling forces in the oil industry can maximize drilling efficiency, prevent bit loss and maintain revenue streams.


Our sensors can survive the harsh pressures, temperatures and vibrations present in these industries from rolling force, gear tooth wear, engine power output or pressure measurement. Integrating sensors into existing systems minimizes downtime and eliminates effects on the performance of the system. “Our expertise, your solution.”


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Strain gages are used in oil, gas and refining systems and processes such as fracking, measurement while drilling (MWD), drilling process, horizontal drilling, subsea load cells, and pipeline asset integrity monitoring and control. Our gages enable the evaluation of parts that experience high thrust load and help detect potential failures in thrust bearings and/or shafts.
Our strain gages can be used to improve the design of consumer electronics, personal care systems, home appliances, food packaging and sports equipment, from concept to creation. Micro-Measurements hybrid sensors are ideal for assembly lines such as appliances, sports and exercise equipment, personal medical devices, hand tools, and lawn and garden equipment.
Our strain gages, accessories and DAQ instruments are often an integral part of crane systems. Our innovative metal foil strain gage solutions play a critical part to ensure the safety of crane operators, improve and maintain the performance of cranes and crane scales, and monitor overload/underload conditions .
Strain gages are used for stress analysis and as part of a transducer in the machinery and structure of robots. Our strain gages can be found in the robotic applications used in outer space, disaster recovery, industrial, medical, entertainment, automotive, agriculture, military and smart homes.
Materials testing is a highly precise and reliable set of processes that measure material characteristics, such as properties, structure and composition, against specified criteria. A metal foil strain gage helps determine if the mechanical properties of the material meets design or specification requirements, according to ASTM standards. These tests provide information about the suitability and performance of a material for its intended application.
Micro-Measurements has extensive experience monitoring high-critical assets in the marine and shipping industries, reviewing performance and improving operational safety and efficiency. Our foil strain gages are used in all types of stress analysis and design verification on vessels and marine structures, and are also used in the safety systems for jetties and harbors to monitor vessel approach and mooring line tension.
Strain gages are used in fossil fuel applications, and solar, wind, wave and hydroelectric renewable and alternative energy applications. Strain gages and strain gage-based pressure transducers are a critical part of the systems in nuclear and hydroelectric power-generating facilities, and provide essential information about gas and liquid pressures, blades, power lines, hoses, pipes, insulators and transportation pipelines.
Any automated process may use a strain gage-based pressure transducer to measure altitude, flow, level and leak. Other uses include industrial control and diagnostic systems, where data from strain gages embedded in tactile force load cells allow the operator to monitor what is happening throughout the manufacturing process; and assembly machinery, where strain gage-based torque transducers provide quality control.
Converting Industry
The converting industry combines raw materials, such as polyesters, adhesives, silicone, tapes, foams, plastics, felt, rubber, liners, metals and other materials, to create new products. Micro-Measurements precise miniature strain gages help to ensure the smooth operation during press and post-press converting processes to minimize material waste and machine downtime.
Strain gages that are incorporated in force sensors are often embedded in industrial control and diagnostic systems to enable the operator to monitor the pulp and paper process. Our gages are also used on measurement equipment, for example, a gage can be bonded to the support structure of a batch digester to determine the maximum axial stresses during a full batch cycle.
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