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One-Stop Provider for Stress and Strain Measurement Products

Micro-Measurements, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, is dedicated to the development, manufacture, and marketing of resistive-foil sensors for high-precision strain measurement. Micro-Measurements offers a full complement of strain gages (gauges), PhotoStress® equipment and coatings, data acquisition systems, and gear necessary to obtain accurate, reliable stress data. Our products are used throughout the world — both in the practice of stress measurements analysis and as the sensing elements in a wide variety of transducers for measuring physical variables (weight, force, torque, pressure, etc.).

Questions and answers on the go! Listen to Micro-Measurements experts explain the many facets of strain gage technology.

Our extensive collection of tutorial and informational videos on a variety of strain measurement topics.

Become a StrainGager with StrainTalks! Our customized, free education seminars help design and test engineers understand strain gage theory selection, preparation, performance, installation, configuration and more.
Micro-Measurements conducts an extensive series of regularly scheduled, hands-on technical workshops and short courses.