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Strain Gage Gear: Surface Preparation, Adhesives, Lead Wires, Terminals and Coatings

Micro-Measurements offers a comprehensive collection of products selected specifically to help ensure successful installation of our strain gages (gauges) and special sensors. Just like a chess game, where the player strategically thinks many steps ahead before making a move, the stress analyst must think well ahead before selecting accessories. Selecting a strain gage sensor and accessories that are inappropriate or not optimal can result in unexpected consequences which, in some cases, could be catastrophic for the design of the structure.

To ensure proper bonding of strain gages and temperature sensors, use our surface cleaning products to prepare a work surface that's chemically clean and totally free of contaminants.
Because a strain gage can perform no better than the adhesive with which it is bonded to the test member, the adhesive is a vitally important component in every strain gage installation.
Every tool has been thoroughly tested and evaluated by our laboratory staff for quality and reliability, ease of use and compatibility with all other Micro-Measurements products.
Our bondable terminals are specially designed for use in strain gage circuits.
The quality of the solder joints is a critical element in the performance of any strain gage installation.
For accurate, reliable strain measurements, it's important to use the right type of leadwire for each installation.
Environmental effects easily degrade strain gage performance. Micro-Measurements coating compounds have been formulated for use in protecting strain gages from these environmental conditions.
Kits make it convenient and easy for strain gage users to purchase all of the needed accessory supplies and materials in a single package.
For shunt calibration and bridge completion of strain-measuring instrumentation, use only precision, high-stability resistors to ensure accuracy and stability of the fixed resistors.
When built-in bridge completion resistors and "dummy" gages that accept quarter- and half-bridge strain gage input circuits are not included with strain gage instrumentation, the MR-Series Bridge Completion Modules are an excellent choice.
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