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What is PhotoStress® Technology?

PhotoStress is a full-field stress and strain analysis method that can be used under various live load conditions. It's suitable for residual stress analysis, assembly stress inspection and fatigue tests. A variety of photoelastic coatings may be applied on a wide range of materials with simple or complex shapes, such as metals, composites, concrete and more. The PhotoStress® Analysis System is composed of a reflection polariscope and PSCalc® computer software that enables the user to store and process LF/Z-2 readings of stress and strain

See the Stress and Strain

The PhotoStress Analysis System provides:

  • Instant identification of stress concentrations and zero-stressed areas
  • Quantitative measurement of stress and strain at any point on the structure
  • Validation of any finite element analysis (FEA)

The PhotoStress System analyzes:

  • Stress resulting from fabrication tolerances
  • Stresses that occur during assembly processes
  • Residual stresses due to processes such as welding and casting
  • Simple or complex stress situations


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For PhotoStress analysis, a reflection polariscope is used to observe and measure the surface strains on the photoelastically coated test part. The PhotoStress Plus LF/Z-2 Reflection Polariscope covers measurements made on small parts or in regions of high stress concentration that are both easier and more accurate when zooming in with the digital video camera supplied with the polariscope.


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