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About us

Micro-Measurements is dedicated to the development, manufacture, and marketing of sensors for high-precision strain measurement. Micro-Measurements offers a full complement of sensors, strain gages, PhotoStress® equipment and coatings, data acquisition systems, and accessories necessary to obtain accurate, reliable stress data.

Our History

The Micro-Measurements and Photolastic divisions were founded in the early 1960s. A few years later, both divisions became part of Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. In July 2010, Vishay Intertechnology spun off its precision measurement and foil technology businesses, which became Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG).


From the beginning, Micro-Measurements has dedicated itself to advancing the technology of experimental stress analysis such as preproduction prototype evaluation, field-service testing, failure analysis, or pure research. Today, we offer a full complement of the sensors, instrumentation, and installation accessories necessary to obtain accurate, reliable strain and stress data. Micro-Measurements strain gages and accessories also fulfill manufacturers' requirements for a wide variety of transducers for measuring physical variables (weight, force, torque, pressure, etc.). Micro-Measurements' main office is located near Raleigh, North Carolina.


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