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Transducer Class® Strain Gages

Micro-Measurements is the leading manufacturer of Transducer Class® strain gages, designed for high volume OEM transducer applications. Transducer Class Strain gages — and related products — are manufactured with our Advanced Sensors technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure maximum performance at a minimal price point. This select group of gage patterns reduces lead time and  improves performance.

Advanced Sensors Technology to Improve Performance

  • Manufactured specifically for  high volume OEM applications using innovative state-of-the-art technology
  • Available in a variety of high resistance patterns — Linear, Shear, T-Patterns, and Full-Bridge configurations — with up to 10K ohm resistance values.
  • Exceptional gage-to-gage and grid-to-grid matching delivers more uniform gage performance with temperature changes
  • Tighter resistance tolerances - down to +/-0.1% even in high resistance gage patterns - facilitates simpler balance of the Wheatstone bridge circuitry
  • Gold plated solder tabs (on Karma foil patterns) and Epoxy Encapsulation ensures active grid protection

Linear pattern gages are typically used in S-Beam, binocular, Reverse Bending and Dual Beam load cell and pressure transducer designs. They are available in single linear or dual linear configurations and customizable grid sizes to allow for gaging one side or both sides of the spring element.

Bi-axial strain gages are designed for use in column load cells (to cancel bending strain) or simple cantilever applications (for gaging a single side of the spring element).

Micro-Measurements Shear/Torque Rosette Transducer Gages are designed for measuring shear strain and torque, available in individual and multiple grid patterns, and come in lengths from 0.062” (1.57 mm) to 0.250” (6.35 mm).


Need help selecting a Shear/Torque gage?

High resistance pattern gages are a preferred choice for low power consumption, as in electronic torque wrenches; pocket (jewelry) scales; bicycle and motorcycle sensing and testing equipment; and for applications such as wireless telemetry on rotating components.


Linear, shear, bi-axial and diaphragm (circular and linear pattern) gages, arranged as individual, half-bridge and full-bridge configurations are available in resistance values from 350 Ω to 20 kΩ.

Full-Bridge gages are a preferred choice for aerospace, medical, automotive, and subsea applications. Full-Bridge designs provide simplified, precise alignment and reduced bonding operations.

Diaphragm pattern gages are available as square-trimmed diaphragm gages (standard) or circular-trimmed diaphragm gages (optional). Different trim diameters, depending on the diaphragm size, are available. Several standard circular trim sizes are available to fit a wide range of diaphragm diameters.

This unique, high gage factor strain gage series offers increased strain sensitivity (4+ gage factor) – more than double all other foil strain gage types.

Our unique, bondable resistors deliver tighter tolerance, better stability, and shorter lead times. These innovative resistors ensure repeatable test data, when compared to previous-generation conventional resistor types.

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