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Specialty Instruments for Strain Gage Measurement

Micro-Measurements offers a comprehensive range of specialty instruments for data acquisition. With our instruments, you can capture fully corrected, accurate engineering-unit data with minimal effort. Our special-purpose equipment, backed by the expertise and knowledge of highly skilled engineers, complements strain gage installation integrity and instrument calibration.


Our range of products includes:

High-speed data loggers • Single-channel devices • Portable indicators • Multi-channel data acquisitions systems • High-bandwidth signal conditioners • Signal conditioning amplifiers • Embedded analog-to-digital convertors • Inputs for other commonly used sensors, including load cells, displacement transducers, thermocouples, and accelerometers.


See our Selection Guide for Data Aquisition Instruments for help comparing the System 7100, 8000 and 9000.


See our Selection Guide for Strain Measurement Instruments for help comparing the P3, D4 and MultiDAQ




Data Acquisition Instruments
System 7100 Data Acquisition System image
This high-performance data acquisition system employs a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter in each sensor channel. Scan rates of up to 2000 updates per second are available for simultaneous reading of all sensor inputs.
This compact, flexible system offers eight programmable channels for strain gages, thermocouples, and voltages. Perfect for small static and quasi-dynamic tests; expandable to 128 channels.
This high-speed system for dynamic and transient recording is expandable to 48 channels. Includes twelve strain gage inputs and four customizable inputs per unit, including thermocouples and accelerometers.
This software works seamlessly with our StrainSmart data systems. Quick, easy setup enables highly accurate capture of engineering-unit data.
This data acquisition system, ideal for medium to high channel-count tests, has high density enclosures and is expandable from eight to hundreds of channels. Accepts strain gage, thermocouple, voltage and LVDT inputs.
Special Measurement Instruments
P3 Strain Indicator and Recorder image
This portable, battery-powered, four-channel unit enables stand-alone or USB-connected display and recording. Integral bridge completion and shunt calibration. Software included.
This ultra-compact four-channel USB-powered device for strain gages and transducers includes software supporting up to six devices. Integral bridge completion and shunt calibration.
This low-cost, easy-to-use single-channel USB device works with strain gages and transducers. Free software download.
Signal Conditioning Amplifiers
This strain gage conditioning amplifier has integral bridge completion, adjustable excitation, shunt calibration, and manual balance. BNC voltage output; up to 50 kHz bandwidth.
2200 System - Signal Conditioning Amplifier image
For use in harsh noise environments, this amplifier offers strain gage bridge completion, excitation and shunt calibration, wide gain and auto balance, selectable filters, and 100 kHz full-gain bandwidth.
A field-proven, robust amplifier with up to 300 kHz bandwidth. Includes gage bridge completion, switchable excitation, shunt calibration, wide gain, and auto bridge balance.
Special Use Instruments
A battery-operated capacitive discharge spot welder for attaching and wiring weldable strain gages (strain gauges) and temperature sensors.
1300 Gage Installation Tester button
The 1300 Gage Installation Tester is used to verify the quality of an installed strain gage (strain gauge), as well as the complete gage installation, including leadwires.
V/E-40 Strain Gage Simulator image
This high-precision decade resistor simulates strain gages and RTDs. 30 to 1111.1Ω in 0.01Ω increments. Can be used for calibration and troubleshooting; offers 0.02% accuracy.
This NIST-traceable Wheatstone bridge calibrator offers 0.025% accuracy. Quarter, half, and full-bridge, 120 and 350 ohms. Push buttons for +/- 99,000 in 100 microstrain increments.
RS-200 milling guide image
Precision fixture to drill holes for residual stress measurements to ASTM E837 using special strain gages. Microscope, high-speed turbine and micrometer for hole depth control.
700b welder
The Micro-Measurements Model 700 Welder provides more capability and flexibility in a smaller, more portable package.
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