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Precision Matters

Precision measurement and precision transducers manufactured by Micro-Measurements are built with innovative Advanced Sensors technology and our industry vetted, best-in-class strain gages. A vital step in any manufacturing process is determining the precise weight or mass of all elements.

Applications for Precision Transducers and Measurements

Our precision transducers and measurements are used to acquire a range of critical data—beyond mass and weigh—such as:

  • Torque Measurement/ Sensor
  • Pressure Measurement/ Transducers
  • Displacement Measurement/ Transducers
  • Position Measurement/ Transducers
  • Weighing Load Cells/ Load Pins


Our precision transducers and precisions measurements are as dependable as they are versatile—that explains why Micro-Measurements is a trusted source across a wide array of industries where precision is a prerequisite. From supermarket self-checkout lanes to determining optimal and safe weight of aircrafts, our expertise can be your industry solution.


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A transducer built with a Micro-Measurements strain gage is often the most precise method available to measure force, torque, load and pressure.
Our strain gages are designed to perform even in the harshest weather conditions. We have a proven record of developing solutions that will accurately measure yield output, improve efficiency, minimize downtime, and prevent expensive damage to equipment.
Our waste management solutions help to maximize profits by minimizing overloading, fines and risks and maximizing loading efficiency.
robotics teaser
Micro-Measurements strain gages can be found in the transducers used in the machinery and structure of robots. Our strain gages are used in robotic applications from outer space to smart homes.
Our strain gages are successfully used in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories for an assortment of testing and inspection methods. Our gages efficiently acquire the crucial data needed for practical methods or material selection and qualification.
Industrial Process Control
Our products can be found throughout any number of process industries seeking to have their operations run at maximum efficiency. Cost saving is achieved through the precision measurement of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and finished goods.
Retail / Process / Lab
Micro-Measurements products are present in a variety of end user applications. Consumer products, Point-of-Purchase and any market segment where precision weighing and force measurement is necessary, may have our products designed in to the retail solution.
Benefit from an extensive series of regularly scheduled, hands-on technical workshops and short courses.
Learn about our stress analysis products, watch informative videos, and explore our large knowledge base.
Unlock a wealth of knowledge, from calculators to technical documents, to help you manage our strain gage and PhotoStress® products.

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