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Strain gages (gauges) are used to measure force in many medical applications, such as robotic surgical devices, fluid dispensing systems, rehabilitation equipment, medical beds and more. We assist by applying our decades of experience in advanced strain gage technology to help healthcare professionals meet the medical needs of patients.

Micro-Measurements Supports Innovation in the Medical Industry


Medical devices, like any other engineering product or process, require design evaluation, force measurement or feedback. Pressure measurement in infusion pumps has been used for decades for patient safety. Strain gauges can be used for both internal and external fixators to optimize flex and assist the bone’s natural repair response. Prosthetics for joint replacement can be optimized, and the tools used to fit them can be instrumented for force and flexure evaluation for optimum accuracy and patient outcome. Forces have even been measured in vivo for suture force evaluation of mitral valve repairs in human hearts. Force feedback enables artificial limbs to be controlled in real-time to optimize the reactions to everyday changes in use – from standing still, negotiating stairs, to running. “Our expertise, your solution.”


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Design engineers that develop machines, devices, and systems for medical manufacturing operations are constantly challenged by growing demands for better production efficiency that maintains a high-level of quality. Using a metal foil strain gage can enable a medical robot’s sense of touch for better accuracy when handling delicate materials. Examples where strain gage are used: Noninvasive sensing, Medical Pumps, Weight sensing, Medical scales.
Strain gages are used in laboratories for an assortment of testing and inspection methods to efficiently acquire the crucial data needed for practical methods, or material selection and qualification.
The ability to meet the stringent requirements of the medical equipment industry has allowed us to build up a technical, manufacturing and support staff that is flexible enough to meet the wide range of applications. Some application examples are products that precisely measure patient weight while in bed, and monitor infusion pumps for proper operation and extends to a vast array of products where quality and reliability are of the utmost importance.
Our strain gages can be found in several stages in the Pharmaceutical Industry with measurement products and services. Our strain gages fulfill a wide variety of measurement requirements for monitoring and control of research and production processes.
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