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Custom Strain Gages and Hybrid Sensors

Micro-Measurements maintains one of the most extensive variety of catalog strain gages (gauges) available.

However, many customers have applications requiring gages that are manufactured to their unique specifications. We recognize the need for custom strain gages, and are committed to serving our customers’ needs.


See our Hybrid Sensor Datasheet

Image of a custom strain gage on a metal rod

Yes, You Can Have a Tailored Strain Gage Made

Unusual applications occasionally require a strain gage (gauge) that is neither listed in our extensive catalog nor available by adding special optional features. Often, a custom product can be designed to fit such needs.


Careful consideration is given to the backing, foil, S-T-C, gage length, pattern, resistance and resistance tolerance, operating temperature range, test duration, maximum strain, cyclic endurance, leads, encapsulation, and trim so that the custom gage is designed to properly meet your needs. Examples of custom gages include such features as unusual patterns, special trim dimensions, and non-standard lead materials or length.


Some other information Micro-Measurements requires to develop your customized strain gage would include: the kind of test (is it components, sub-assemblies, printed circuit boards and finished products or something else?)  Is it for a transducer or stress analysis application? Do you have a drawing?  The more information we have the better we can tailor a product that will fit your specifications.


Typically a special part number is assigned to each custom gage. This ensures that the correct gage is produced each time it is ordered. A set-up charge and a minimum order will normally apply. For further information, please contact or Applications Engineering department.




Our Quick-Turn Program makes R&D quality strain gage samples available in as few as seven working days, depending on pattern complexity. Strain gages offered under the Quick-Turn program include full series of most catalog patterns, including optional features, as well as bespoke designs and feature the same quality, materials, design, construction and performance as standard catalog products. Sample costs are included in the setup fee.

Strain Sensor Reference Guide
The initial step in preparing for any strain gage (gauge) installation is the selection of the appropriate gage for the task. Selection of gage characteristics and parameters can be very important for proper gage performance in unique environments and conditions, obtaining reliable strain measurements, ease of installation, and minimizing installation costs. Our strain sensor reference guide provides considerations for parameter selection in one easy-to-use document.

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